photo © Bruce Fellman

photo © Bruce Fellman


stewardship & volunteering

As more land is being preserved by the Stonington Land Trust, stewardship becomes an increasingly important aspect of our ongoing activities. The SLT is primarily a volunteer organization that depends on help from those who share our love of the land, and can offer their services in a number of ways to support both acquisition and stewardship activities.

The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility.
— Wendell Berry


Acquisition of a new property or a conservation easement is just the first step, while stewardship is a long-term commitment of caring for the land in a manner that sustains our overall goals and objectives for its preservation.   As each new holding is acquired, a SLT property steward is assigned and a stewardship plan is developed that considers unique aspects of preserving and using that specific land.  Each property has its own unique requirements that may involve deed restrictions, location, type of vegetation, geography, current use, etc. 

Some land is well suited for trails and access points and is open for public use. For open access properties, the SLT posts simple and common rules that involve respecting the land and wildlife as well as other visitors. Stewardship activities include the posting of informational signs, and establishing / maintaining trails to facilitate public enjoyment of open space preserves.

On preserves that are not well suited for open access or may have restrictions that the SLT must respect, it is still our goal to allow as much public access as possible. This is accomplished through SLT hosted special events which are open to members, as well as, the public.

Monitoring of all our preserves is an important aspect of stewardship.  This is done regularly each year to ensure that the goals and objectives of each property stewardship plan are being achieved.  Reporting conditions in the field is a way anyone can help. When you visit one of our preserves and would like share useful information about conditions or problems, please contact us.  This information will be brought to the attention of the property steward.



The SLT provides many opportunities to meet and work with those who share our interest and desire to preserve open space lands in our community.  Volunteers are needed to help with land stewardship, fundraising, special events and community outreach.

Land stewardship

Caring for our land depends on the help of volunteers.  Routine jobs such as installation and maintenance of signs, developing and maintaining trails, monitoring of property conditions, and conducting road clean-ups, along SLT preserves, are performed by volunteers.  The SLT has adopted a section of North Anguilla Road that runs along our Anguilla-Grande Preserve. Work parties with their town-issued safety vests collect road-side refuse and recyclables a couple times a year.  Work parties may be organized and planned for any of our land stewardship activities, and they provide the opportunity to get outdoors, work with friends and neighbors, and make a difference, as we strive together to preserve our natural resources.


As the SLT continues to acquire and care for open space lands, fundraising is an essential activity that is well suited to help from volunteers. Special appeals and events for the purpose of fundraising involve a lot of work, and volunteers have a wide range of skills that can contribute to the many tasks that need to be performed.

Help with Events

Throughout the year the SLT hosts various types of group activities ranging from special walks and nature observations on our preserves, to special events for the purpose of fundraising.  Volunteers are always needed and welcomed to help.

Community Outreach

As the efforts of the SLT are focused in the Town of Stonington, it is important that we get to know our neighbors and keep them informed of what we are doing.  Anyone who can help with publicity, newsletters, special communications, or providing liaison with other local organizations would be a great help to us and very much appreciated.


Please contact us!  We will be happy to add you and your contact information to our list of potential volunteers for any of the activities described above.